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  • Recreational drug use - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Recreational drug use is the use of a drug, (legal, controlled, or Illegal), with the intention of enhancing life (increasing euphoria, blocking unhappy memories, or creating pleasure). Some would also include creativity and religious growth as among the effects of certain drugs (cannabis and the psychedelics). Understood broadly ... 目前已有 989 人訪問 立即訪問
  • Cannabis (drug) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Contemporary uses of cannabis are as a recreational or medicinal drug, and as part of religious or spiritual rites; the earliest recorded uses date from the 3rd millennium BC Since the early 20th century cannabis has been subject to legal restrictions with the ... 目前已有 890 人訪問 立即訪問
  • recreational drug - definition of recreational drug in the Medical dictionary - by the Free Online Medical Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

    rec·re·a·tion·al drug (r?k′r?-?′sh?-n?l) n. A drug used nonmedically for personal enjoyment. recreational drug, any substance with pharmacologic effects that is taken voluntarily for personal pleasure or satisfaction rather than for medicinal purposes. The term is ... 目前已有 1357 人訪問 立即訪問
  • Drugs Information and Guides at

    A to Z guide of recreational drugs, their effects, laws and safety tips for recreational drug user at ... Tobacco: Dangerous Recreational Drug September 6, 2011 | 0 Comment Tobacco is an agricultural crop, cultivated several parts of Earth. 目前已有 877 人訪問 立即訪問
  • RECREATIONAL DRUGS - Islamic Philosophy Online

    RECREATIONAL DRUGS The Scourge or the bliss of Humanity A Position Paper BY Muhammad Hozien for Ethics Prof. Michael Haliprin William Paterson University Spring 1999 The Question of what to do about drugs has haunted the American Scene for quite ... 目前已有 865 人訪問 立即訪問
  • Recreational Drugs

    Bath Salts - A Flesh-Eating Addiction, Recreational Drug Use, Is There Such A Thing?, Abraham Hicks - Using recreational drugs to feel good, Recreational Drugs, Proposed New Zealand Law Will Legalize New Recreational Drugs 目前已有 789 人訪問 立即訪問
  • Recreational drug

    Recreational Drugs by Lawrence A. Young, Linda G. Young, Marjorie M. Klein and Donald M. Klein (Mass Market Paperback - May 5, 1955) 目前已有 1224 人訪問 立即訪問
  • Recreational Drugs FAR Less Likely to Kill You than Prescribed Drugs!

    After seeing these statistics, you will never look at another drug ad the same again. ... By Christopher Kent, D.C., J.D. Recreational drugs, including cocaine and heroin, are responsible for an estimated 10,000-20,000 American deaths per year [1,2]. 目前已有 765 人訪問 立即訪問
  • Home - Recreational Drugs

    When using recreational drugs it is important to keep in mind there are dangers you will face just as with anyone who suffers from drug abuse. There are a number of illegal drugs in which people take for what they believe as being just fun. The effects of drugs that ... 目前已有 627 人訪問 立即訪問
  • RECREATIONAL DRUGS: a fair evaluation

    Recreational drugs, both legal and regulated, published UNBAISED articles on their effects, both physiological and mental. ... INTRODUCTION Could we live happily ever after? Perhaps. One's interest in the genetically pre-programmed states of sublimity sketched ... 目前已有 794 人訪問 立即訪問
  • Recreational Drug

    How Drugs Work 2/3 - Ecstasy (BBC Three), Recreational Drug Use, Is There Such A Thing?, Ecstasy/Cocaine Part 1 of 3, Recreational Drugs, Your mind, your high: is recreational drug use morally wrong?, Abraham Hicks - Using recreational drugs to feel good 目前已有 1530 人訪問 立即訪問
  • Drugs Information and Guides at - Part 2

    Ecstasy and its effect as a recreational drug June 6, 2011 | 0 Comment The recreational drug Ecstasy is a kind of drug, which is being taken by the young people, and it stands as a dangerous threat. MDMA (3-4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) called by ... 目前已有 739 人訪問 立即訪問
  • namlife - Recreational drug use

    As with all recreational drugs, it is wise to consider how use could impact on adherence to your HIV treatments or other areas of your health or life. GHB GHB (gammahydroxybutyrate) has recently become popular on the club scene, with users reporting an ... 目前已有 786 人訪問 立即訪問
  • Recreational drug - Define Recreational drug at

    Recreational drug definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! Added to Favorites Dictionary Thesaurus Word Dynamo Quotes Reference Translator Spanish Log In Sign Up Premium Part of n ... 目前已有 1005 人訪問 立即訪問
  • Recreational Drugs - Recreational Drugs

    How can one define recreational drug use? Generally recreational drug use is when the use of a drug, legal or illegal, is limited to a social occasion or for recreational purpose. Drug abuse is considered taking more than the indicated amount or taking the drug for a ... 目前已有 1077 人訪問 立即訪問
  • Recreational drugs - board messages report - BoardReader

    Recreational drugs - Online discussion summary by BoardReader. Aggregated data from online sources for the term "Recreational drugs". ... High Times Encyclopedia Of Recreational Drugs l pdf l 51 MB From the back cover: "Did you know that Pope Leo XIII, was ... 目前已有 1208 人訪問 立即訪問
  • Recreational Drug Facts - eHow - eHow - How to Videos, Articles & More - Discover the expert in you.

    The use of drugs for purposes other than prescribed medical use is considered recreational drug use. While street drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and crack have been among ... 目前已有 1307 人訪問 立即訪問
  • 長期吸食K他命,膀胱縮水只剩100 cc容量!-喬安的家-新浪部落

    非醫療上的使用被濫用於休閒性使用(recreational use)且越來越普遍,已逐漸取代搖頭丸的地位,雖屬毒品但濫用的人越來越多。 ... 、IVP、CT scan等檢查,來診斷患者的病況。治療方面,最重要的是先停止使用K他命,並搭配藥物 ... 目前已有 928 人訪問 立即訪問
  • 啞鈴健身 價錢比較-價格比較 - 好動價-6-彩妝-美妝,最前線-新浪部落

    Due to the demand of the international market, currently we become diversified for recreational purpose products supplier. Our target markets include domestic and international markets, retailers stores, warehouse stores, super markets and department 便宜的 ... 目前已有 941 人訪問 立即訪問

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